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  • Stream Mac Desktop to Apple TV 2 (no jailbreak) - YouTube
    How to stream videos from Mac/PC to TV using Vuze - Продолжительность: 4:28 Sreesh Shyam 182 626 просмотров.

  • Beamer – Stream video files from your Mac to Apple TV...
    High Quality Streaming. No More Mirroring. Beamer streams video directly so it will be played natively on Apple TV and Chromecast.

  • 2 ways to Stream Any Video from PC to Apple TV Multimedia Hive
    Actually, we can stream content from iTune library to Apple TV directly via Mac or from iOS devices to Apple TV with AirPlay. However, Windows PC doesn’t embed with AirPlay, here offers 2 different ways to stream videos from Mac to Apple TV.

  • AirPlay Hack Streams Non-iTunes Video Between Mac, Apple TV
    Apple’s AirPlay streaming feature enables the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to stream video and audio to the Apple TV 2. But why stop there? Wired.com’s friend Erica Sadun has been hard at work hacking away at AirPlay to expand its powers.

  • How to Stream HEVC(H.265) 4K Videos to Apple TV 3/2/1?
    This video app offers the ATV 3 Movie Format for you. You can choose “Apple TV -> Apple TV 3 1080P Dolby Digital Pass-through(*.m4v)” as the output format.

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    Check how to stream videos from Mac to Apple TV here.

  • stream live video to apple tv 2 смотреть онлайн
    Загрузить видео.

  • Video & TV Cast - Stream Free Movies Online Videos & TV Shows
    Stream Free Online Movies & Videos, Sports And Live TV From iOS Or Android To Your Big TV Screen. Video & TV Cast creates a new dimension of enjoying movies, videos and tv in full hd.

  • Air video and streaming from IPAD 2 to Apple TV 2 Forum
    Ive seen various threads re streaming to Apple TV and some people can do and some people cant. Is it possible to stream video content on my iPad 2 to my apple TV 2 and if so a few pointers would be much appreciated. Cheers Beebs.

  • Stream any video from your Mac to an Apple TV Iappsnow
    If you want to stream photos or videos, choose Apple TV. While if you want to stream music, you may need AirPort Express to control those speakers or receivers.

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