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  • Barefoot and Minimalist Shoes for Walking Natural Running Center
    Barefoot and Minimalist Shoes for Walking. Posted by MarkC on Mar 7, 2012 in Health 11 comments.

  • Top 7 Minimalist Shoes: Which Is The Best? - BuiltLean
    The ultimate goal of the minimalist shoe is to provide protection while still allowing your foot to move naturally. After all, humans have been walking and running around this planet for as long as we’ve been here and have done pretty well without the latest pair of super-sneakers strapped to our feet.

  • Five years of minimalist shoes - running, walking, barefoot
    No crystal ball but I hope I am still running and walking in lightly or minimally cushioned, flexible, lightweight, and wide toe box shoes!

  • How to Choose Barefoot/Minimalist Running Shoes - REI Expert...
    Barefoot / Minimalist Running Shoes: How to Choose. Interest in "barefoot running" has exploded in recent years.

  • Top Picks for Walking Shoes - Reviews by Shoe Type
    Very often, performance walking shoes are running designs that meet the needs of walkers.

  • Is minimalist running right for you? A discussion on the pros and cons
    One might describe it as a glove for the feet. If you go into various forums discussing running and walking you will see arguments for and against the use of the minimalist running shoe.

  • My Experiment with Minimalist Running Shoes for Travel
    Minimalist or barefoot style running shoes seem like they would be ideal for the travelling runner, or even those looking for a lightweight walking shoe, especially if you travel with just a carry-on backpack.

  • Barefoot Running & Walking: Minimalist Running Shoes & Foot...
    Humans are not meant to over-stride and land on their heels when running which today’s typical shoe promotes. Even while walking, typical footwear will elicit more of a heel strike, extended stride, and an unnatural and inefficient push-off with the foot. A minimalist or barefoot walker will land softly with a...

  • Looking for Minimalist Running Shoe? Nobile Shoes Palm Beach...
    The new word in shoe technology is Minimalist running shoes, but what is it all about? Simply put, it is based on the concept that the best way to walk and run is the barefoot approach just like our ancestors did many years ago.

  • Should You Run in Minimalist Shoes? Runners World
    From there we learn to crawl, then walk barefoot, and then we go through the awkward transition to walking in shoes.

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