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    You can buy citadel 1911 with confidence from thousands of sellers who list every day. At GunBroker.com, you can buy citadel 1911 from a trusted online source.

  • Citadel 1911s In Flat Dark Earth Cerakote – In Hand Review – SHOT...
    Citadel Cerakote 1911s for Self-Defense at the Range.

  • Cabelas - Citadel 1911 Semiautomatic Handguns customer reviews...
    Customer Reviews for CITADEL Citadel 1911 Semiautomatic Handguns.

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    If you are looking to buy or sell a Citadel 1911 you’ve come to the right place. Shooting.org has found (14) Citadel 1911 for sale and is looking for the most competitive prices.

  • Citadel CIT45FSP 1911 Full Size 8+1 45ACP 5" $530.00 SHIPS FREE
    Built by Armscor (Rock Island Armory), the Citadel M-1911 series offers solid performance and reliabi.

  • Citadel 1911 Full size.45 acp review made by Armscor in the Phillipines
    I recently decided that I needed a 1911, but I didnt want to spend 800-1200 on a "good" one.So I ended up buying this Citadel. From what I understood...

  • 1911 Citadel Compact How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!
    I also bought an Armscor 1911 38 Super. That gun is incredibly accurate too.

  • Range Report: Citadel 9mm 1911 Handgun
    I bought the Citadel 9MM tactical and love it. It works flawlessly, is accurate, and good looking too. All 1911 magazines I have tried in it work great also.

  • Citadel M-1911 9mm - ...Shipping - No CC Fees Guns for Sale Buy...
    BUY IT NOW. The Citadel M-1911 is an outstanding choice for defense, concealed carry, and competitive shooting.

  • Citadel Custom 1911 Review - TheFireArmGuy How To Save Money...
    Im really not a 1911 guy and I bought this gun with all the goodies. I later traded it for a G30.

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