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  • Booting and Shutting Down HP-UX
    This section has procedures for booting and shutting down HP-UX on cell-based HP servers and a procedure for adding HP-UX to the boot options list on HP Integrity servers.

  • ...Shutdown From The Command Line; Booting And Shutting Down...
    • To shut down Windows and reboot: enter shutdown /r or select Start —> Shut Down. and select Restart from the pull-down menu.

  • HP-UX boot guide : 네이버 블로그 System Shutdown
    System Shutdown. To shut down HP-UX for power-off, you can do any of the following: # init 0# shutdown -h -y now. To shut down and reboot HP-UX

  • HP-UX shutdown or Reboot command
    To reboot HP-UX use command.

  • Rebooted server and now it will not boot correctly - Hewlett Packard...
    N/A Shutting down sendmail [Done] Shutting down sm-client [Done] ....

  • Yosemite inconsistent boot / reboot / shutdown problems
    Computer shuts down and boots up surprisingly normal. Keeps doing so; shutdown and restart okay, boot goes well too. Maybe a little slow... and the grey screen just before Yosemite desktop appears has a tendency to prolong his stay. One or two occasional freezes...

  • Booting and Shutting Down
    Booting and Shutting Down. This contains links to information used in the lectures.

  • Auto shutdown when the booting start - HP Support Forum - 5412749
    My laptop is HP ENVY TouchSmart m6-k025dx Sleekbook (ENERGY STAR). This pc was auto turned off when the booting start.

  • Ch 16 -- Startup and Shutdown
    Starting up and shutting down UNIX are unlike most system administration tasks in that after deciding when either occurs, the administrator is more a passive observer than a proactive participant.

  • Shutdown or reboot HPUX Popular Articles in HP-UX
    Shutdown and power off machine shutdown –r now Reboot reboot You can of course use the init commands depending on the run level you wish to acheive.

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