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  • How to use HTML-5 data-* attributes in ASP.NET MVC
    public class Foo { public static RouteValueDictionary AnonymousObjectToHtmlAttributes(object htmlAttributes) {.

  • c# - Passing an object to HTML attributes - Stack Overflow
    Just tries this with the attribute data_bind and the output was data_bind as opposed to the expected, data-bind - any ideas?

  • c# - How to get valid HTML attributes out of object htmlAttributes...
    foo.HtmlAttributes(new { data_bind = "foo"}); In all the MVC HtmlHelpers I have used the underscore as a hyphen, this would output valid html "data-bind".

  • asp.net mvc - How to get values out of object HtmlAttributes - Stack...
    This doesnt seem to work with attributes like data_bind – SimonGates May 22 13 at 12:05. add a comment .

  • Html.EditorFor and htmlAttributes
    Remember that the actual parameter is for additional view data, so what this does is essentially add the key ViewData["htmlAttributes"] with the value set to the anonymous object that contains the class you want set. EditorFor, now, looks for this key and will add the appropriate HTML attributes in its default...

  • Provide value to htmlAttributes where keys contain dash in their name...
    Most of the Html helpers available in ASP.Net MVC have overloads with object htmlAttributes.

  • HtmlAttributes dictionary not binding correctly - JJask.com
    I have declared a property on my Model to handle html attributes, In short; public IDictionary<string,object> HtmlAttributes { get; set

  • ...Method (HtmlHelper, String, Object, Object) (System.Web.Mvc.Html)
    Type: System.Object An object that contains the HTML attributes to set for the element.

  • ASP.NET MVC 4 with Knockout Js - CodeProject
    likewise we need to have data-bind attribute for all fields. Now if you change value in your object, it will be reflected in the UI and vice-versa.

  • Imran Balochs Blog - ...MVC LabelFor Helper With HtmlAttributes
    There is no such overload of LabelFor helper which accepts htmlAttributes parameter like other html helpers accept.

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