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  • Finding all files containing a text string on Linux - Stack Overflow
    Above will exclude searching all the files ending with .o extension. Just like exclude file its possible to exclude/include directories through --exclude-dir and --include-dir parameter; for example, the following shows how to integrate --exclude-dir: Grep --exclude-dir={dir1,dir2,*.dst} -rnw /path/to/somewhere...

  • Finding a File Containing a Particular Text String In Linux Server
    I’m interested in learning about searching a text string. Can you tell me – how do I find a file containing a particular text string on my Linux server? I have to admit that there are tens and thousands of text files on any Linux or Unix based server.

  • Finding files containing a certain value / Eric Martin / ericmmartin.com
    Searching for files containing a certain string/text/value is something that I do quite often. There are a number of ways to perform a "find files containing foo" search, but for me, nothing beats the simplicity and power of the command line!

  • In windows 7 - I want to search for all files containing "A word...
    In Windows 7 - I want to search/find all files containing "A word or phrase in the file".

  • Search for Icon Containing Files - Icons from File Documentation
    To search for icon files containing any icons, click Find files with icons inside button at the bottom of the work area, and the Search panel will appear. In the enter field at the top of the Search panel, specify the minimum number of icons that every file must contain.

  • How To Use Find and Locate to Search for Files on a Linux VPS
    Finding files is a very common task on any operating system. The Linux find and locate commands can both be used to search for files on the

  • Linux - Find Files Containing Text
    In Windows, still you can search for files containing some texts that you specify in your "find files containing text" input box.

  • Find which package contains a file in Debian Linux
    If you know you need to find a particular file to finish a compilation And you dont know which package it is contained in.You have the following option in debian.

  • How to find files containing specific text in Linux? Ubuntu, Debian...
    Very often new users would dwell on Google trying to find the correct command to find files containing specific text.

  • Using find to search for files containing a word - Ask Ubuntu
    For example, if you had no files that matched *fsck* in your current directory the command run would end up being: Find / -iname.

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