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  • information- русский перевод - bab.la словарь
    account information accounting information additional information ... taggingNo AdWords information will appear in y... ... what describes information technologies...

  • Information - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Information (shortened as info) is that which informs. In other words, it is the answer to a question of some kind. It is also that from which data and knowledge can be derived, as data represents values attributed to parameters, and knowledge signifies understanding of real things or abstract concepts.

  • Information: перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры...
    classified information — засекреченная информация privileged informationинформация, не подлежащая оглашению, конфиденциальная информация proprietary information...

  • Information
    Information as a concept has a diversity of meanings, from everyday usage to technical settings. Generally speaking, the concept of information is closely related to notions of constraint...

  • Information - definition of information by The Free Dictionary
    2. The act of informing or the condition of being informed; communication of knowledge: Safety instructions are provided for the information of our passengers.

  • information - Wiktionary
    From Middle English informacion, enformacion, from Anglo-Norman informacioun, enformation, Old French information, from Latin īnfōrmātiō ‎(“formation, conception; education”), from the participle stem of īnformāre ‎(“to inform”).

  • Информация (Information) - это Информация - это сведения...
    Информация (Information) - это. Информация - это сведения о чем-либо. Понятие и виды информации, передача и обработка, поиск и хранение информации.

  • Information dictionary definition information defined
    The definition of information is news or knowledge received or given. An example of information is whats given to someone who asks for background about something.

  • What is Information? definition and meaning
    Use information in a sentence. The cold case was re-opened after twenty five years after a witness came forward with new information about the killer.

  • Information Definition of Information by Merriam-Webster
    Define information: knowledge that you get about someone or something : facts or details about a subject—information in a sentence.

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