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  • Using Project References and Variables WiX Toolset
    In addition, it generates a set of WiX preprocessor variables that can be referenced in WiX source files and preprocessor definitions which are passed to the compiler at build time.

  • WIX Variables
    Anytime you go beyond a very simple Installer script, you will need to pass in variables into WIX (e.g. selecting assemblies

  • WiX tricks and tips - Stack Overflow Environmental Variables
    WiX variables are used to define UpgradeCode, ProductName, InstallName. You already have a working installer. I wouldnt attempt this until you do.

  • C++ Variables for wix - Stack Overflow
    And Im sure you want to assign the result of MsiSetProperty to hr variable. Additionally, it looks strange that you copy Product Name into variable called Local Path.

  • wix-users - Variables
    Subject: [WiX-users] Variables. Hi! I have found things like this, in example

  • Get Binder Variables for Assemblies without Installing into the GAC
    Binder variables in WiX are variables that are resolved, coincidentally, at bind time. This is when the linker, light.exe, collects file information, assigns auto-GUIDs...

  • WiX Tutorial
    The WiX Toolset is a set of tools that build Windows installation packages from XML source code.

  • Compile-time variables - WiX: A Developers Guide to Windows...
    Compile-time variables WiX lets you specify variables that are evaluated at compile time.

  • WiX Integration - Matt Ward Preprocessor Variables
    Add WiX libraries, WiX extensions and preprocessor variables to the WiX project. WiX Dialog Designer. Setup Dialogs window.

  • Link-time variables - WiX: A Developers Guide to Windows Installer...
    Link-time variables Like Candle, Light allows you to specify variables that will be interpreted when your project is built.

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