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  • GOrun 2 Runners World Running Times Review
    Runners World Review. Skechers proves once again that it knows how to make a serious running shoe.

  • Skechers GOrun Ultra 2 Review - Believe In The Run
    Johnny: I was a big big fan of the GOrun Ultra, so obviously I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a pair when T asked me to review the GOrun Ultra 2. Skechers delivered yet another solid

  • Skechers GOrun Ultra 2 Review - Fellrnr.com, Running tips
    Is the GOrun Ultra a Hoka for only $80? Sadly not, but its closer than you might expect, though the cost per mile probably works out higher than the longer lasting Hokas. With the updated GOrun Ultra 2, Skechers has some good improvements, but theres still some way to go before its competitive.

  • Skechers Go Run Ultra 2 Review - YouTube
    Skechers Go Run 4 - Running Shoe Review - Продолжительность: 4:53 Saltmarsh Running 5 236 просмотров.

  • Skechers GORun2 - In-depth Review
    Skechers GORun2 - In-depth Review. Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Skechers, they make fashion shoes don’t they? Well, yes, but recently they’ve launched a Performance division focused on bringing to market a range of running shoes designed for comfort and, perhaps more importantly...

  • Skechers GOrun Ultra 2 Review, Best Prices & Comparison
    Skechers GOrun Ultra 2 is our #2 best ranked Skechers running shoe.

  • Skechers Go Run Review: First Impressions
    The GoRun 2 will be reviewed soon here on Runblogger). This post is going to come as a bit of a shock to a lot of people who read this blog. The first shock is that I agreed to try out a Skechers running shoe.

  • Skechers GOrun 3 Review Minimalist Shoes & Fitness Gear
    The Skechers GOrun 3 is the next generation of transitional (or bridging) running shoes.

  • SKECHERS GoRun Ride2 Review
    Skechers Performance Division continues to improve their running shoe line. So far this year we have seen the great super fast GoRun Speed and the excellent update of GoRun2. Both shoes has received great reviews all over the world. Now its time to get the GoRun Ride 2 under the radar.

  • Skechers GOrun 2 Supreme Review - Yuri in a Hurry
    Believe in the Run Skechers GoRun 2 review.

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