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    What We do. "Train 10 thousand teachers" is a major initiative under the NMEICT, in which IIT Kharagpur and IIT Bombay are working as partner institutes to improve the teaching skills of...

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    Sign up for Already Registered User (If you have registered for any past workshops of NMEICT-T10KT conducted by IIT Bombay ).

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    National Mission for Education Through ICT Official Youtube Page.

    About NMEICT. This is a centrally sponsored Scheme to leverage the potential of ICT, in providing high quality personalized and interactive knowledge modules over the internet/intranet for all the learners in...

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    Самые новые твиты от NMEICT (@nmeict): "2 Typing text and basic formatting Bengali: http

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    www.nmeict.ac.in. 26 подписчиков6 494 просмотра. О себеЗаписиФотоYouTube.

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    1. Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia NMEICT Open Licensing Policy Guidelines. 2. NKC Recommendation, 2007  Recognised the role of Open Educational Resources (OER)...

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    Сетка Список. 3. #nmeict #e-learning E Content Development.

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    National Mission on Education Through ICT, Дели. Отметки «Нравится»: 963 · Обсуждают: 13 · Посетил 1 человек. National Mission For Education Through ICT...

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