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  • Netflix Plans - Netflix Streaming and DVD Rental Plans and Prices
    Netflix Streaming Plans. 1 SD Screen - $7.99 a month. 2 HD Screens - $8.99 a month - up to 2 Screens streaming simultaneously.

  • Netflix Plans Comparison Which Netflix Plan is the Best?
    Which Netflix Plan is the Best Netflix Plan? By Rob Berger 57 Comments.

  • Ultra HD streaming plan
    Netflix - Change Streaming Plan.

  • How much does Netflix cost a month? - Quora Streaming Plan
    Netflix streaming plan allows you to watch a different library of older and less well-known films than the DVD plan for $8.99 per month on any internet-connected device.

  • Netflix Plans - Pricing Details - Online Streaming Options
    One of the Netflix plans that’s also available is the “Netflix limited plan”. This Netflix plan only costs $4.99 per month, and it allows a maximum of 2 DVDs each month and two hours of streaming time to your PC.

  • Digital Landing Monthly Streaming Netflix Plans
    Regardless of which Netflix plan that you choose, the first month of service is always free. You can cancel before the trial ends to avoid being charged. Monthly Streaming Netflix Plans.

  • How Much Does Netflix Cost? Pricing Plan Breakdown Digital Trends
    You shouldn’t have to fear when your one-month free trial of Netflix draws to a close. The streaming king currently offers a bevy of subscription options, whether you prefer to stick with a streaming-only package or simply opt for one or two discs a month.

  • Netflix Plans and Pricing 2011 Explained - Blu-ray Prices
    There are a variety of Netflix plans and prices, including the traditional DVD rental tiers most people are accustomed to, Netflix plans for blu ray rentals, and streaming-only plans. I’ll go over each of these...

  • Netflix - How to choose a Netflix Streaming Plan - YouTube
    Netflix offers three streaming plans in order to provide the right plan for you. The plan you choose will determine how many people can stream series...

  • Netflix plans to change up its family streaming service - CNET
    Users can currently only stream two devices at once, but the video service is looking to charge a little more for a four-device option. Could this be a precursor to cracking down on account sharing?

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