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  • The Utilities Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2012
    SCOTTISH STATUTORY INSTRUMENTS 2012 No. 89 PUBLIC PROCUREMENT The Utilities Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2012 Made 14th March 2012 16th March 2012 1st May 2012 Laid before the Scottish Parliament Coming into force...

  • The Grammarphobia Blog: Scot, Scotch, Or Scottish?
    Writers in England began contractingScottish” to “Scotch” in the late 16th century, while writers in Scotland began shortening “Scottis” to “Scots” in the early 18th century.

  • Scottish air ambulance contract awarded to Gama Aviation - BBC News
    11 June 2012. From the section Scotland. Image caption The Scottish Air Ambulance Service helicopters are based in Inverness and Glasgow.

  • Scots contract law - Videos
    Making the Law Work for You, debate - Scottish Parlliament: 24th August 2012.

  • Info Centre - Public Contracts Scotland
    The European public contracts directive (2014/24/EU) will be transposed into Scottish legislation in April 2016.

  • Contractor demand outpacing supply in Scottish contract market
    “Conditions in the Scottish labour market improved in November, ” says Bank of Scotland chief economic Donald MacRae.

  • Blog Contract Scotland
    Contract Scotland Director, John-Paul Toner, contributes to the Scottish Business Insider’sConstruction Report."

  • Public Contracts Scotland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Public Contracts Scotland is the national advertising website for Scottish public sector organisations to post Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) notices (contracts over the European directive thresholds)...

  • Scottish firms missed Olympic contract gold UK News Daily...
    Scottish business leaders fear the lack of experience gained by firms here for 2012 will make it harder for them to win contracts for the Commonwealth Games, but say Scottish firms can do more to make sure they are not left out of London 2012. David Lonsdale, assistant director of CBI Scotland, said...

  • The Law Society of Scotland ’s Response
    The Law Society of Scotland’s Obligations Sub-Committee (the committee) welcomes the opportunity to consider and respond to the Scottish Law Commission’s

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