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  • C Bitwise Operators Examples – OR, AND, XOR, NOT, Left/Right...
    Bitwise OR operator takes 2 bit patterns, and perform OR operations on each pair of corresponding bits. The following example will explain it.

  • C Bitwise Right Shift : (>>) Operator - C Programming - c4learn.com
    Bitwise Right Shift Operator in C

  • Left Shift and Right Shift Operators (>> and <<)
    The following descriptions and examples are valid on Windows for X86 and x64 architectures. The implementation of left-shift and right-shift operators is significantly different on Windows RT for ARM devices.

  • C# - Bitwise Operators Example
    >> Binary Right Shift Operator. The left operands value is moved right by the number of bits specified by the right operand. A >> 2 = 15, which is 0000 1111.

  • Understand how bitwise operators work (C# and VB.NET examples)
    Circular Right Shift (no operator in C# and VB.NET). Bitwise operators are used for numbers.

  • Bitwise left shift (<<) and bitwise right shift (>>) operators
    Note that in the third case we shifted a bit off the right end of the number, so it is lost. Although our examples above involve shifting literals, you can shift variables as well

  • Tutorials - Bitwise Operators and Bit Manipulations in C and C++...
    Exclusive-or encryption is one example when you need bitwise operations.

  • Bitwise operation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The bitwise OR may be used to set to 1 the selected bits of the register described above. For example, the fourth bit of 0010 (decimal 2) may be set by performing

  • C# Bitwise Shift Operators Shift Right Operator
    The bitwise operator set is complete once the shift operators are understood.

  • How to use shift operators in C# C# Bitwise Shift Operators
    Using shift operators. << is the left shift operator and >> is the right shift operator. The general forms for these operators are shown here

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