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  • What does "rate limit exceeded" mean? (UPDATED) Twitter Blogs
    So what can you do to avoid the “rate limit exceeded” message and what can you do if you get it? Unfortunately not very much. This is a Twitter enforced limitation rather than a TweetDeck one but I would suggest the following to reduce the risk

  • API Rate Limits Twitter Developers Tips to avoid being Rate Limited
    When an application exceeds the rate limit for a given API endpoint, the Twitter API will now return an HTTP 429 “Too Many Requests” response code.

  • Rate limit for Twitter has been exceeded? DataSift Developers
    The rate limit for Twitter is 500,000 Tweets / 24hr period. If you need this increased, please contact Support with a couple of paragraphs detailing what you are doing with the Twitter data, and what your organisation does.

  • Rate limit exceed in creating new app at apps.twitter.com
    Hi All, I really dont understand the meaning of "rate limit exceed" error in creating a new app at apps.twitter.com.

  • Twitter api rate limit has been exceeded
    The new look breaks the limit monotony of the old 2.x look and exceeded feel that has become ubiquitous.

  • Identify photos of friends (hourly limit exceeded) on facebook?
    - My facebook has been temporarily locked, when trying to unlock it asks me to identify photos of friends but says hourly limit exceeded. i haven t previously identified any photos so i dont understand why its saying this.

  • Its saying my hourly limit has exceeded on the security check?
    Как создать или изменить лимит расходов аккаунта? Имеют ли сотрудники Facebook доступ к данным моей кредитной... Лимит затрат кампании. Как запланировать показ объявлений? Как переходить от размещения публикаций, отметок «Нравится»...

  • Using Twitter API on shared server - Rate limit exceeded even...
    Unfortunately I keep getting the "Rate limit exceeded. Clients may not make more than 150 requests per hour." error event though im only making 24 requests from the 150 I should have. I assume this is because my domain is on a shared server and twitter is counting other requests against me.

  • Facebooks Identify photos of friends (hourly limit exceeded)?
    "Identify photos of friends" is grayed out so it doesnt allow me to select it. Theres no other options available. So even if I click submit, it doesnt move forward. what do I do? If it says "hourly limit exceeded", I assu.

  • Exceeding Facebook 5000 Friends Limit
    Unlike twitter where thousands can follow you and google+ where you can be added to a countless number of circles, the limit

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