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  • ATP Flight School: Airline Career Pilot Program
    Airline Career Pilot Program Zero Experience to Airline Pilot in Just Two Years.

  • Alpha Airline Pilot Program Alpha Aviation Group
    The Alpha Airline Pilot Program (AAPP) – our flagship product — is a full-time training course designed to take a cadet ab initio, which means ‘from the beginning’ in Latin. Affectionately called the “Zero to Hero” program by our cadets...

  • Airline Pilot Central Forums
    Airline Pilot Central - The best information portal for active and future airline pilots...

  • Future Pilot Programme - Future Pilot - Reach higher
    Here at British Airways we believe in investing in the future, and that is why we have developed a unique programme to offer anyone with the right skills, passion and potential the chance to realise their dream of becoming an airline pilot.

  • Full Airline Transport Pilot Program (ATPL) AEROCADET...
    Our Airline Transport Pilot program offers you exactly that: an ability to study from zero to a full ICAO (FAA) Airline Transport Pilot License in less then two years. The program is absolutely unique.

  • PSA Airlines Pilot Cadet Program
    The Cadet Program initiative is just one other way PSA Airlines offers the most comprehensive benefits to its pilots.

  • Cadet Pilot Programme Subscribe to Qatar Airways newsletter
    Cadet Pilot Programme. Programme Overview. This is an opportunity that provides applicants with full college education and on-the-job training and development to obtain a QCAA Multi-Crew Pilot License.

  • British Airways Future Pilot Programme - CAE Oxford Aviation...
    Commercial Airline Pilot Training from the Worlds largest cadet pilot training network. Training pilots in the UK, Belgium, Australia, USA and India.

  • Singapore Airlines Cadet Pilot Program (India)
    Recently, Singapore Airlines has come out with a cadet pilot program for Indian citizens who are graduates. Since I have completed my graduation and have a current and valid CPL, I have applied for the program.

  • How to Become a Commercial Airline Pilot Professional Pilot Program
    Our Professional Pilot Program continues in that tradition by teaching in an environment that is based on meeting industry standards. Our accredited program prepares students whose goal is to work for an airline.

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