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  • Escape to Kiawah! - Biking
    Go biking on Kiawahs 30+ miles of paved bike paths! Biking on Kiawah is the best way to tour the island. In addition to the hard-packed beach, there is a 10-mile-long bike path which starts at one end of the island and runs alongside the main parkway.

  • Bike paths on Kiawah vs HHI - Kiawah Island Forum - TripAdvisor
    One difference I noticed- with young children, the bike paths on Kiawah Island are a bit safer because they dont intersect main roads. Otherwise a very similar feel. AND you can also ride on the beach!

    There are over 30 miles of biking and pedestrian paths throughout Kiawah Island. While we do not rent bikes on property at Andell Inn, there are several companies within the local area. We strongly recommend arranging bike rentals prior to arrival.

  • Dave Moultons Blog - ...Bike Blog - You cant get to Kiawah Island...
    The island has nearly 30 miles of bike trails! Folks ride bikes on the paths all the time. HOWEVER... until the new bike path to Freshfields is built

  • Spectator Bike Regulations
    The Kiawah Island Marathon Bike Rules and Regulations have been established for your safety and the safety of others!

  • Kiawah Island South Carolina Snowbird and Winter Visitor SC...
    Biking on Kiawahs thirty-plus miles of asphalt bike paths is one of the best ways to tour the island. There is a ten-mile bike path that runs for the full length of the island, and most bike paths are generally set off the main roads and are delightful to ride.

  • Kiawah Island Villa Biking on Kiawah is A MUST.
    Biking on Kiawah is A MUST. There are over 30 miles of flat, paved biking trails. Bike through the island paths, on the beach or out to Freshfields for a coffee or some shopping. We like Island Bike, or walk to Night Heron Park and rent from Kiawah Island Resort.

  • Kiawah Island FAQs Where do we rent bikes and boogie boards?
    What island amenities can I use when I rent through Kiawah Island Getaways? You may use all of the island amenities except the Night Heron pool. You have full access to restaurants, golf courses, bike paths and, of course, the beach.

  • Kiawah Island – Travel guide at Wikivoyage
    30 miles of paved bike paths and 10 miles of hard-packed sand beaches allow visitors to easily traverse Kiawah Island by bike. See.

  • Kiawah Island Club Kiawah Island Real Estate
    The increasing number of kayaks on the Kiawah River and the busy bike paths along the Kiawah Island Parkway these past couple of weeks can only mean one thing, Kiawah: sweet summertime is well upon us.

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