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  • Redirect on Login - Joomla! Extension Directory
    This extension solved my problem with the Joomla v2.5.9 login redirecting everyone to the Profile page.

  • Joomla - Joomla 1.5 administrator login redirects to homepage
    Trying to do some updates to a clients site, and the administrator page keeps redirecting to the homepage. The site is joomla 1.5 Have uploaded and overwritten with the joomla 1.5.26. Have also removed .htaccess files in case they were causing the redirect.

  • Joomla - Redirect Admin Login
    Hi I want to be able to redirect the administrator login to a component that I always access, rather then having to click around in order to find it.

  • Admin in Joomla Login Redirects to Another Login itoctopus
    Use a valid username and password to gain access to the administrator backend. We thought he was experiencing one of the many common login issues on Joomla.

  • joomla 2.5 - Why does administrator login redirect to frontend...
    _ Joomla Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for Joomla! administrators, users, developers and designers.

  • joomla3.0 - Joomla: redirect to login page if user is not logged...
    Change redirect after registration error in joomla. 2. Joomla redirect to specific page if not login. 0. How do I make the user login the same as the administrator login page?

  • Admin Login Redirect
    Каталог всех joomla-шаблонов и расширений в интернете. Логин.

  • I cannot log into joomla administrator due to a redirect plug in
    Before he left, due to previous hacking issues, he installed a redirect plug in for joomla administrator log in which takes me back to the home page when I use the

  • AdminExile-redirection plugin for Admin in Joomla
    First of all it is designed so that if a particular key word, given in advance, redirect you to the page administration panel where you can enter your login and password from the Joomla system. Thus excludes the possibility of undesirable persons entering data from the administrator account.

  • Joomla administrator login redirect
    Joomla administrator login redirect. In simple object oriented system analysis and design ppt words, our quality has been tested beautiful banner design free vector and certified on the international standards.

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