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  • Apple TV - BBC iPlayer - Apple (UK)
    BBC iPlayer transformed the way we watch television, and now there’s a new way to experience BBC iPlayer. On Apple TV. Just open the BBC iPlayer app to enjoy award-winning original entertainment, drama and documentaries, plus exclusive programmes you won’t find anywhere else.

  • BBC iPlayer
    Watch live BBC TV channels, catch up on TV programmes you missed and view exclusive content on BBC iPlayer.

  • Official BBC iPlayer app launches on Apple TV for UK users 9to5Mac
    The app is free but requires a TV licence and is therefore only available to UK Apple TV owners. The app includes the full iPlayer catch up catalogue as well as live streaming of BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three, BBC Four and other channels.

  • The BBC comes clean on why theres no iPlayer for Apple TV iMore
    British Apple TV owners have been longing for the BBC iPlayer on our favorite black box pretty much forever, but now we might finally know why it hasnt happened. BBCs Chris Yanda has outlined why they went Chromecast, and not Apple TV.

  • BBC iPlayer now available on Apple TV 4
    Available to owners of the fourth-generation Apple TV, BBC iPlayer provides access to live television programming as well as a catalog of programs from the last 30 days and personalized recommendations.

  • BBC iPlayer app coming to Apple TV in coming months - BBC News
    The BBC has confirmed that its iPlayer service is coming to the new Apple TV. The catch-up app is not ready to launch alongside the revamped set top box when it goes on sale this week, but the broadcaster signalled it would be soon.

  • BBC iPlayer app comes to Apple TV - Telegraph
    The BBCs iPlayer app has been released for the fourth-generation of Apple TV, as the set top box aims to ward off competition from Amazon, Google and Sky.

  • Приложение BBC iPlayer теперь доступно для Apple TV
    BBC обновила свое приложение BBC iPlayer и теперь оно поддерживается новым Apple TV 4. Приложение iPlayer не было доступно в предыдущих поколениях Apple TV, несмотря на то, что оно поддерживалось устройствами Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast и Sky’s Now TV box.

  • BBC iPlayer on Apple TV 4 - Unblock Watch outside UK - The VPN...
    BBC iPlayer has just been added to the new Apple TV 4 in the UK.

  • Using Plex to watch BBC iPlayer and more on Apple TV
    The Apple TV still lacks a BBC iPlayer channel, despite repeated rumours that such a thing is just around the corner.

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