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  • Kindle Fire HD – Not Available in Canada ! Decoder Zone
    Kindle Fire HD, the second generation of Amazon’s color touchscreen Kindle Fire tablet was announced yesterday. The most important part of the news is that this device is not available for Canadian ! that means if you live in Canada and suddenly you decided to pre-order Kingle Fire HD...

  • Amazon Kindle Voyage Not Available In Canada Due To A Patent
    Get the latest news on e-Books, Audiobooks, Digital Publishing, Manga, Anime and Tablets. Amazon Kindle Voyage Not Available in Canada Due to a Patent.

  • Amazon.com: Customer Discussions: Kindle books not available...
    Even books written by Canadian Authors...e.g. Louise Penny are not available in Canada? what is with that? I am a new Kindle fan! Enjoying it lots but do get frustrated when searching for books to find things like the above.

  • Amazons Kindle now available to Canadians BGR
    man first). The Kindle will set Canadians back $259 USD ($275 CDN) on Amazon’s American website.

  • Kindle available in Canada Kindle in Canada
    Just a little history lesson, before October of 2009 Kindles were not available outside of the United States and was only made available in Canada in November of 2009.

  • Kindle Fire HDX now available in Canada - Canadian eReader
    Presumably the French language requirement is preventing its being available in Canada. There are still no movies available to Canadians, no Kindle Owners’ Lending Library and no Kindle Freetime, which is now being offered to other international purchasers.

  • Canadians get a Kindle surprise - Macleans.ca
    The e-book reader available in Canada isn’t Amazon’s top-of-the-line device.

  • Kindle Canada is availableKindle Review – Kindle Phone Review...
    Sony have been selling their Sony Readers for a long time (the Touch Edition and Pocket Edition have been available for months) and Canadians can actually play with them at Sony stores and at Best Buy (while the Kindle has to be bought

  • How Does the Kindle Work in Canada?
    Canadians will find they receive the same quick download times (about 60 seconds for an average download) as Kindle users in America.

  • The Kindle Store is Now Live in Canada The Digital Reader
    There are plenty of Canadian titles available to purchase on the Kindle. I’m not sure that this is news. The Kindle Fire is not available here. And, if imported manually, doesn’t function as the intended retailing device that it is.

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