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  • Kärcher Canada
    Major manufacturer of a full line of high-pressure washers, vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, sweepers, scrubber-driers, cleaning agents, brush-type vehicle washers and waste-water treatment. Sales offices, repair centers, and cleaning tips.

  • Аппарат высокого давления K 3 Car Керхер
    Аппарат высокого давления «Керхер» K 3 Car с дополнительным набором аксессуаров для мойки автомобиля оптимально подходит для удаления легких загрязнений с.

  • Karcher Parts: Pressure Washers eBay
    Find great deals on eBay for Karcher Parts in Home Pressure Washers.

  • Spare Parts Kärcher International
    Kärcher Worldwide. Dear customer, You were previously able to download lists containing replacement parts from this webpage. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer this service because opening the appliance renders your guarantee null and void, and also poses a health risk.

  • Магазин запчастей KARCHER
    Запчасти для минимойки Karcher K 3.200.

    Amp draw Voltage Part No. Serial no. Kärcher Customer Service CDN Call: 1-800-537-4129 for help or visit our website: www.karcher-canada.com English DANGER indicates “an imminently hazardous sit- uation which, if not avoided, will result in death or serious injury.”

  • Kärcher Spare parts kit 9.001-187.0 Karcher reserveonderdeele...
    Karcher Winkel Description Spare part set suction side which is fastened by the cover/cap at the control head (see product image).

  • Комус - Karcher
    Комплект для подачи воды Karcher (2.645-156.0). Комплект для подключения KARCHER: шланг PrimoFlex 3/4 - 10м, 2 универсальных конектора, штуцер с резьбой…

  • K3 Pressure Washers Parts Partmaster
    K3 Pressure Washers parts - repair your K3 Pressure Washers with a K3 Pressure Washers spare part from Currys Partmaster.

  • Amazon.co.uk:Customer Reviews: Kärcher K3.65 Jubilee Pressure...
    Bottom line replacement parts are expensive for karcher machines so if it gives trouble dont waste money trying to fix it, just bin it and buy a new cheaper washer.

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