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  • Dgcgcd - dgcgcd 254 Guitar Tunings
    Dgcgcd - dgcgcd. Rain song tuning.

  • DGCGCD tuning Part 1: Basic Chord Shapes - YouTube
    First in a series on playing in DGCGCD tuning. Covers 6 different chords.

  • How To Tune For The Rain Song DGCGCD - YouTube
    In this episode of Crappy Guitar Lessons I show you how to tune for Led Zeppelins The Rain Song. A beautiful song thats really not very hard to play...

  • tuning DGCGCD @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com Forum Archive
    im learning zeps the rain song with this tuning (acoustic) DGCGCD does anyone know any other songs that use this tuning, kinda has the doobie bros. sound to it thanks for any suggestions.

  • DGCGCD tuning [Archive] - Sputnik Music Forums
    Yep, i was learning "The Rain Song" by Led Zeppelin and its in a pretty odd tuning, DGCGCD. But it sounds cool, any suggestions on other songs that are in this tuning? =]

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  • DGCGCD Tuning Part 3 more chords - Mp3
    Playing DGCGCD Tuning Part 3 more chords Stop, download your mp3 here, we work hard to offer you the best free music on the network.

  • dgcgcd tuning know of any songs Forum
    I couldnt tell you, but, why not arrange some songs you like in this tuning ?

  • The Rain Song - DGCGCD Tuning Forum
    Been messing with this song lately and Im really glad that I tried out this tuning. Are there any other cool songs out there that use DGCGCD?

  • Dgcgcd Chords
    piano chord tunings Modaltuning d jimmy page the d playingd g chord,it would If you want click display Dgcgcd-tuning-part--basic-chord- cached similardgcgcd, dgcgcd hi everybody...

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