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  • Bill de Blasio Selects Pre-K Working Group The Epoch Times
    *** Members of de Blasio’s Pre-K Working Group. Elba Montalvo, founder and CEO, Committee for Hispanic Children and Families Josh Wallack, vice president for Early Childhood Programs, Children’s Aid Society Sherry Cleary, executive director...

  • De Blasio’s pre-K push violates rules, puts kids in danger
    Experts said de Blasio’s pre-K cheerleading could be behind the rash of violations, which include failure to provide “competent” oversight of kids, not properly maintaining fire extinguishers and not having metal guards on windows to prevent a child from falling.

  • De Blasio submits pre-K contracts for review late: Stringer
    Mayor de Blasio’s first pre-K ­assignment? Tardy. The administration of the habitually behind-schedule mayor has failed to turn over 70 percent of its more than 500 universal-pre-K contracts for review by city auditors — just one week before the start of the school year, the city’s financial chief said.

  • New Yorkers Reject de Blasios Pre-K Tax Hike - The American Interest
    Blue Civil War. New Yorkers Reject de Blasios Pre-K Tax Hike. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio may have won the election in a landslide last year, but it’s not clear that voters are equally enthusiastic about all of his policies.

  • ...Mayor Bill de Blasio: Continue to fund half-day Pre-K! · Change.org
    Mayor de Blasios new "Pre-K for All" initiative sounds great on the surface, but in actuality he is taking away families right to choose what is best for our children. NYC is currently cutting funding for half-day Pre-K programs and replacing them with full-day.

  • De Blasios Pre-K Program: A Work in Progress
    Of the 12,000 kids added to the program, only 195 come from the poorest zip codes.

  • De Blasio Defends Full-Day Pre-K - WSJ
    “It’s what will prepare our kids for what they need and the education reality of today and the economic reality of today,” Mr. de Blasio said of full-day pre-K at a news conference Wednesday.

  • De Blasios Pre-K Victory Lap May Be Premature
    Meanwhile, de Blasio spent part of August on a victory lap. He addressed an adoring crowd at the Scholastic-sponsored Preschool Nation summit with a speech that sometimes slipped into referring to the city’s pre-K expansion in the past tense.

  • Bill De Blasio Universal Pre K
    Read More: Mayor De Blasio, Bill De Blasio, New York City, Nyc, Patrick Lynch, Pat Lynch, Pba, Universal Pre-K, Bill De Blasio Universal Pre K, Inauguration, New York News. Going into his second year this remains the greatest challenge for the mayor...

  • Bill de Blasio Takes His Pre-K Victory Lap Observer
    Mayor de Blasio visits Inner Force Early Childhood Learning Center in Brownsville. (Photo: Theodore Parisienne/Pool). This time a year ago, many people didn’t think Mayor Bill de Blasio’s ambitious plan for universal pre-kindergarten was feasible.

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