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  • Droid X2 Extended Battery eBay
    Compatibility: Compatible with all the phone models listed in the title as well as MB810 Droid X(Extended battery door required only for MB870 and MB810 models!

  • Droid X extended battery Android Forums
    Motorola Droid X Extended Battery (5 Star Rating): Google Checkout available.

  • Motorola Droid X 1840mAh Extended Battery - YouTube
    This video compares the stock 1540mAh battery to the 1840mAh extended battery for the Droid X. The extended battery comes with a new battery door because...

  • Motorola Extended Battery for Droid X Review
    If you have a Motorola Droid X Android Smartphone, you probably love almost everything about it. I say almost because there is one thing that keeps my relationship with this phone from going to the next level. And that one thing is battery life.

  • Amazon.com: Droid X Extended Battery and Cover: Cell Phones...
    Motorola Droid X, X2 OEM Extended Battery and Door Combo. New OEM Motorola battery and door for Droid X, and Droid X2. Motorola uses the latest Lithium Ion Battery technology giving you the best performance possible.

  • High Powered Droid X Extended Battery
    Dont let your depleted Droid X battery cause you to miss calls or prevent you from sending an important email. Those days are long gone, extended batteries are in high abundance practically anywhere.

  • Motorola Droid X :: Extended Battery Drain - Is Normal?
    I just bought the extended battery for my Droid X yesterday and put it on charge for three hours last night and then at bedtime. I got up this morning with a "charged" battery. I used the phone a little today but not alot. By 7 pm CST my battery was at 30%.

  • Droid Bionic extended battery Android Central
    Droid Bionic extended battery. By Phil Nickinson Thursday, Sep 8, 2011 at 2:23 pm EDT.

  • Droidx extended battery help Forum
    My extended battery came in today and I bought it off eBay for $18. Its a 3000 mah. When I put in the battery and started up the phone it said I had 100% battery left then 5 min later it said 90

  • Droid X extended battery issue Android Forum at DroidForums.net
    Ive been using a droid x with an extended battery for the past couple of weeks. Loved it, gave my droid probably an extra 20-30% more battery life. After recently going on a snowboarding trip my droids battery has not been lasting as long as it used to...

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