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    Whether you are an SAP partner, customer, or user – we offer certificate training by area of focus and skill level that will increase your technology value. Learn More About the Value of Certification ›.

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    Zimbabwe is not listed how much does it cost for me to just sit for the SAP SD AND SAP CRM exam without attending training.Just the exam fee.

  • What is the cost of SAP certification(s) in India? - Quora
    Hi....here is a fee structure from AtoS : Hardly for 20-25 days in classroom training and another 2 weeks for preparing for certification.

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    Certification Fees: - If Opted within 2 Weeks from the date of completion of the Course the certification fees would be : Rs 34,200/- (Rs

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    Hi, Could anyone pls let me know what is the fees for SAP Certification in India?

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