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  • jQuery Mobile - back button - Stack Overflow
    Use the attribute data-rel="back" on the anchor tag instead of the hash navigation, this will take you to the previous page. Look at back linking: Here.

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    Buttons in jQuery Mobile are automatically styled, making them attractive and useable on both mobile devices and desktop computers.

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    jQuery Mobile has a feature to automatically create and append "back" buttons to any header, though it is disabled by default.

  • jQuery Mobile Back Button
    Create the back button in a page by using the data-rel="back" attribute. Example. The below example demonstrates use of back button in the jQuery Mobile Framework

  • How to control back and forward button in jQuery Mobile
    Sometimes you’ll want to have control over back and forward button handling in jQuery Mobile and you’ll find yourself wondering how to do that. Once upon a time jQuery Mobile didn’t have such functionality but going from version 1.4 we can rely on navigate event.

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    jQuery Mobile offers us the choice of automatically enabling or disabling back button globally. We also have the option of adding or removing them on a page-by-page basis. The back button is disabled by default within jQuery Mobile.

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    Though I’ve used both jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap in the past, this recent exercise left me with a few morsels of newly-hard-earned knowledge. Among that education was learning that PhoneGap 1.1.0 breaks jQuery Mobile’s back button on Android devices.

  • jquery mobile: custom back button - jQuery Forum
    So I am able to do custom "back button" in a form normal jquery mobile button <a date-role="button">Back</a>, then I dynamic change onclick attr to put function name which will be called. (eg. currently I am on States list, and I put onclick ="GenereteSportsList" in back button...

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    Learn how to create dynamic links to other pages on your domain. Learn how to create external links, page transitions and work with the back button.

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    In my Jquery Mobile website I am using href for back button like

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