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  • 4. Gestural Interfaces for Making Music - Kinect Hacks [Book]
    Kinectar doesn’t communicate with the Kinect; it requires a skeleton tracker proxy to feed it the data it uses. At the time of writing, Kinectar is

  • Kinectar Develop Kinect
    Kinectar Performance Platform is a toolkit developed by music producer Chris Vik to allow the use of Microsofts Kinect motion tracking sensor in computer-based music.

  • Kinectar Ethno Tekh Your MIDI-Kinect interface
    Kinectar. Your MIDI-Kinect interface. Please note that Kinectar has now been discontinued. It’s still available, but will not get any more updates. We are working on new software that will supersede Kinectar and will be released in the coming months.

  • Kinectar - Music Performance Platform
    Kinectar Ethno Tekh. KinectarYour MIDI-Kinect interfacePlease note that Kinectar has now been discontinued.

  • Posts about kinectar written by projectwarlock
    Keeping to standard protocols for output makes NI mate an extremely flexible piece of software that can be applied in a vast number of scenarios.

  • Kinectar Kinect Hacks
    Browse. Kinect-controlled 4-story Pipe Organ 07. Jun, 2012 - 0 comments. Dance Controlled Kinect Music 16.

  • ...While Dancing Using Kinect for Xbox 360 & Chris Viks Kinectar...
    Dance Controlled Kinect Music (Part 1) [Source: Synaecide]. Dancer Paul Walker and programmer Chris Vik have been working together to explore the capabilities of Vik’s Kinectar Performance Platform.

  • Kinect + performance = kinectar (IDE) – blogue (arquivo) do nsa
    This entry was written by pedronrito, posted on March 6, 2012 at 18:49, filed under IDE: kinectar, xbox/kinetic and tagged arte, IDE: kinectar, interação, performance, xbox/kinetic.

  • ...Ambient Modern Dance to Dubstep, Gestures to Music in Kinect...
    Since April 2011 I’ve been working solidly with the Microsoft Kinect, developing my software, Kinectar, to enable its

  • Synaecide - "Exhale" (live) w/ kinect controlled synths...
    A short interior view of a church in Florence. The lighting is bad in the video but the organ playing made for a fantastic atmosphere. Stevie 4.

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