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  • Yggdrasil Linux/GNU/X - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Yggdrasil Linux/GNU/X, or LGX (pronounced igg-drah-sill), was an early Linux distribution developed by Yggdrasil Computing, Incorporated, a company founded by Adam J. Richter in Berkeley, California. Yggdrasil was the first company to create a live CD Linux distribution.

  • installation - Yggdrasil: Oldest Linux Distribution in CD - Super User
    Yggdrasil isnt the oldest distribution. Yggdrasil was introduced in late 1992.

  • Linux distribution
    GNU/Linux Distro Timeline, timeline representing the development of various Linux distributions.

  • DistroWatch.com: Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.
    Gentoo Linux for G5 processors

  • The Answer Guy 31: Yggdrasil: ...the Root of CD Linux Distributions?
    What do you know about Yggdrasil linux distribution? They purport significant advances in OS/SOFTWARE/DOCUMENTATION not achieved by others. Is it real or make believe or worthy of mention?

  • Index of /pub/historic-linux/distributions/yggdrasil
    The Publics Library and Digital Archive. Index of /pub/historic-linux/distributions/yggdrasil. Name. Last Modified.

  • A Short History of Linux Distributions [LWN.net]
    The first commercial, in the sense that it was developed for public consumption rather than in-house use only, Linux distribution was Yggdrasil.

  • The Linux Distribution HOWTO
    This is by no means the definition of a Linux distribution. There are numerous small distributions that offer things the big distros dont, not the least of which is smallness

  • The Linux Distribution HOWTO: Linux Distributions in the US
    4. Linux Distributions in the US. All these distributions are available on CD-ROM (some of the non-commercial ones only show up on network-archive snapshots).

  • Selecting a Linux Distribution LG #31 Yggdrasil
    Any current Linux distribution most likely contains the software needed to do your job, including kernel and drivers, libraries, utilities and applications programs.

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