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  • Ferdinand Magellan Timeline Ferdinand makes a second voyage
    Ferdinand Magellan Timeline Timeline Description: Ferdinand Magellan was a navigator and explorer.

  • Ferdinand Magellan
    1518: Magellan left Portugal and headed for Spain. 1519 March 22: Magellan convinced King Charles I of Spain to support his voyage to the Spice Islands.

  • Ferdinand Magellan timeline Timetoast timelines
    Ferdinand Magellan, a timeline made with Timetoasts free interactive timeline making software.

  • Ferdinand Magellan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Ferdinand Magellan (/məˈɡɛlən/ or /məˈdʒɛlən/; Portuguese: Fernão de Magalhães, IPA: [fɨɾˈnɐ̃w ðɨ mɐɣɐˈʎɐ̃jʃ]; Spanish: Fernando de Magallanes, IPA: [ferˈnando ðe maɣaˈʎanes]; c. 1480 – 27 April 1521) was a Portuguese explorer who organised the Castilian (Spanish)...

  • Ferdinand Magellan Timeline
    Ferdinand Magellan Timeline ( 1480 - 1521) The most important dates and events in the life of this famous explorer His early life in Portugal His support from King Charles I of Spain He made the first voyage around the World The death of Ferdinand Magellan on the island of Mactan.

  • Ferdinand Magellan - Ages of Exploration Voyages
    Ferdinand Magellan’s fleet consisted of five ships and roughly 265 men. The small fleet was called the Armada de Molucca, and Magellan was its Captain-General. The voyage left Seville on August 10, 1519, and reached the Atlantic on September 20.

  • Ferdinand Magellan (timeline) - Documents
    Ferdinand Magellan Biography, Timeline & Facts about the famous explorer, explorations & voyages in the Age of Exploration Ferdinand Magellan Ships Short Biography of the life of Ferdinand Magellan...

  • Timeline - Ferdinand Magellan
    Magellans Voyage.

  • Ferdinand Magellan Magellans Voyage
    Magellans Voyage. The Treaty of Tordesillas of 1494 reserved all routes to Asia around the coast of Africa for Portugal, meaning the Spanish would have to find an alternate route in order to conduct trade with Asia, specifically the area then known as "The Indies."

  • Ferdinand Magellan Timeline
    Ferdinand magellan timeline. Modified feb. Similarthis historical timeline to visualize the.

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