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  • Sense 6.0 leaked and ported the HTC One, gets quickly taken down
    We’re less than 3 days away from the official reveal of the all new HTC One 2014 and if you’re anything like us, you’re already moist just thinking about the new software features set to be introduced in Sense 6.0.

  • HTC Sense 6.0 Software Leak - YouTube
    Here you can see the HTC M8 software in all its glory, we find new unlock features, and better images of the new UI. Please follow...

  • HTC Sense 6.0 purportedly revealed in leaked screenshot Gigaom
    There’s already been plenty of talk about HTC’s next flagship smartphone, but not much about the next generation of its Android software overlay. Thanks to a purported screenshot of Sense 6.0 from the reliable @evleaks, however, we now have a better idea.

  • HTC Sense 6.0 video leaked, looks so clean!
    New HTC Sense 6.0 is looking really nice, the HTC One 2014 (M8) would have been great if not for that useless bezel under the screen.

  • HTC Sense 6.0 Video Leaked
    HTC Sense 6.0 Video Leaked. All about the new HTC Ones interface. Yesterday we told you about the upcoming HTC Ones specs (code name HTC M8), now heres a video of the new user interface, Sense 6.0, that was posted online two days ago by amateur YouTuber Greg Draven.

  • HTCs Sense 6.0 UI Leaks in New Video
    With just over a week to go before HTC unveils its “All New One” we know pretty much everything about the device’s hardware inside and out, but what about its software? A leaked carrier promotion last week hinted at a few new features included with the company’s upcoming Sense 6.0 UI...

  • Update schedule for HTC Sense 6.0 leaked TalkAndroid.com
    While HTC Sense 6.0 is set to be released tomorrow along with the all new HTC One, the update schedule for the software was leaked today for existing HTC phones, answering a number of questions people had concerning Sense 6.0 and whether or not existing phones would get it.

  • Leaked HTC Document Claims 2013 HTC One to Receive Sense...
    Now that HTC’s latest software enhancements in version 6.0 of their Sense software skin are soon to be made official, it’s time to start talking about

  • HTC One M8 running Lollipop and Sense 6.0 leaked
    Some more exclusive screenshots of Android 5.0 and Sense 6.0 running on HTC One M8 is making the rounds in the Internet.

  • Sense 6.0 update schedule leaked for existing HTC Androids...
    Tomorrow, we’re looking forward to Sense 6.0 debuting on the all new HTC One; for something that’s not yet official, that news is all but certain. OK, but what does Sense 6.0’s arrival mean for all the other HTC hardware?

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