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  • HDDHACKR v1.40 Build 20130303 - Software - RealModScene Forum
    HDDHACKR v1.40 Build 20130303. ** Notes **. - HDDHackr is made only for real MS-DOS, not for windows command prompt or even windows XP/Vista/7 !!!!

  • HDDHackr for Xbox 360 - Harddrive Tools 360-HQ.COM
    HDDHackr Current Version: v1.40 Written by Team MODFREAKz Category: Harddrive Tools Page Views: 67,193. This tool will allow you to use HDDs that are not certified by Microsoft.

  • Hack a 250gb, 320gb or 500gb Sata harddrive to work in the Xbox 360...
    I purchased a nice 250gb laptop hard drive for £30 and used hddhackr on it to enable the 360 to use it. I think doing your own drive is the way to go as Microsoft charge £89.99 just for the 120gig drive here in the UK, at that price I could make...

  • HDDHackr Tutorial - YouTube
    Finlay The Long Awaited Mass Requested HDDHackr Tutorial.

  • Жесткий диск для Xbox 360 своими руками. Как переделать HDD?
    2. Так же вам понадобиться программа которая и прошивает сам HDD под Xbox 360 и называется она HDD HACKR

  • Upgrade your Xbox 360 HDD Using What is HDD Hackr?
    Connect an *original* xbox 360 HDD to your SATA controller. Make sure it is the only SATA device that is connected. Now run hddhackr -d. This will create a file...

  • HddHackr_v1.40_Build_201303…rar (99,43 KB) - uploaded.net
    HddHackr_v1.40_Build_201303…rar 99,43 KB. Choose your download method. Premium users profit from numerous advantages; For example the download starts instantly and with full speed!

  • HDD Hackr Forum
    I found the easiest and most reliable way to use hddhackr was to remove the drive from my laptop. Put in the hdd I want to set up for the xbox.

  • ...to use a laptop hard drive in an XBOX 360 slim using HDD HACKR...
    HDD hacker tool files alternate link HDD Hackr bin files 120GB Bin File 250GB Bin File 320GB Bin File.

  • hackr - 4shared - İndir
    hackr - 4sharedde indir. hackr, ücretsiz dosya paylaşım hizmeti 4sharedde barındırılmaktadır.

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