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  • OpenFlash Performance - ECU tuningOpenFlash Performance ECU...
    OpenFlash Tablet (Audi R8).

  • OpenFlash Tablet
    OpenFlash Tablet…..………….$495 Gain up to 20HP without getting your hands dirty or even opening the hood! This is a fully functional...

  • Does the OpenFlash Tablet correct for checksum?
    Since the OpenFlash Tablet comes pre-loaded with tuned files for your vehicle, there is no need for a laptop.

  • OpenFlash Tablet (GT86 2012+) - OpenFlash Performance
    499 USD. OpenFlash Tablet for Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ, & Toyota GT86.

  • Downloads
    This new version of the OpenFlash Manager software gives you the ability to download and view datalog files (.CSV) from your OpenFlash Tablet.

  • Frequenty Asked Questions
    In a few words, what is the OpenFlash Tablet?

  • Open Flash Tablet и замер мощности "до"
    После установки коллектора JDL (www.drive2.ru/l/4231335/) был приобретен Open Flash Tablet, известный как "таблетка" — устройство с тачскрином, напоминающее древний автонавигатор...

  • Amazon.com : OpenFlash Tablet : Computers & Accessories
    Now you can have all the tuning flexibility you need in one convenient package that you can store in your glovebox! Includes OpenFlash Tablet, OBD cable and USB cable.

  • The Project BRZ Gets More Power! OpenFlash Tablet Review...
    In this episode, the WR TV Project BRZ gets more power thanks to an OpenFlash Tablet. We try out the stage 1 tune, the stage 2 E85 EL tune, and show you how...

  • OpenFlash Tablet Installation (FRS/BRZ/GT86) - YouTube
    OpenFlash Tablet Installation for FRS/BRZ/GT86 3 Touch Programming.

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