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  • Free Weekly Class Schedule Template for Excel
    A class schedule is not hard to make, but its extremely helpful. Time is not a good thing to waste. So, if you are needing a little help with time management...

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    Class Schedule. Classes for Current and Future Terms.

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    Searchable Class Schedule. Find schedule information for all open enrollment semesters including changes, cancellations & additions (updated every 2 hours).

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    Instructions : From the drop-down list of Programme/Study Year, select an option and click on Load Class Schedule or enter Course Code to search.

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    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Class schedule information is subject to change.

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    Schedules of Classes at City College of San Francisco. (last updated March 04, 2016, at 04:30 PM PST) For more information, please call the Admissions and Records Office at (415) 239-3285.

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    The class schedule offerings for each semester are available online via My Class Search at MyCSUDH. Log in is not required.

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