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  • Tower Records criticises HMV for ‘Record Store Day’ celebration
    The original Grafton Street HMV shop closed over a year ago, but since being taken over by the Canadian rescue firm Hilco, seven Irish HMVs have re-opened across the country in the last 12 months.

  • HMV to close 60 stores as sales and shares slump - BBC News
    The 60 stores set to close represent roughly 10% of the groups UK High Street presence, which comprises 285 HMV shops and 312 Waterstones outlets. It is understood that 40 HMV branches will close along with 20 Waterstones bookshops.

  • hmv Ireland Buy Music, Films, Movies & Games online - hmv.ie
    hmv is the UK and Irelands leading specialist in all things entertainment. Shop online for music on CD, Vinyl; movies on Blu-ray, DVD; games on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360.

  • Press release: ...Irish music industry welcomes the return HMV hmv...
    HMV Ireland will focus on all genres of Irish music to support the upsurge of quality music in Ireland, with bands ranging from LeGalaxie and Villagers, to Windings and TwinKranes. HMVs store portfolio provides an outlet to support local artists, both unsigned and established, through the HMV and...

  • HMV receivers close doors on all Irish stores NME.COM
    The receivers at HMV Ireland have permanently shut all 16 of the music retailers Irish stores. According to The Guardian, all 300 staff of HMVs Irish operation will now be made redundant. The company went into receivership in Ireland on January 16...

  • HMV closes completely in Ireland, 300 jobs lost - CNET
    All 16 Irish branches of ailing music and DVD shop HMV will stay closed, leaving 300 people out of a job.

  • HMV - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    On 15 January 2013, HMV Group entered administration.[9] Deloitte were appointed to deal with the administration of the company.[10] On 16 January 2013, HMV Ireland declared receivership, and all Irish stores were closed.[11] A week later, on 22 January 2013...

  • HMV Singapore closes last outlet: Timeline of HMVs history
    HMV begins to expand and has around 25 stores across the UK. 1986. The group expands overseas, opening stores in Ireland and Canada.

  • HMV stores in Ireland closed VG247
    The closures were the result of the group not being able to find a buyer. A statement provided to Irish Examiner stating that sure to various factors, the stores were…

  • HMV Ireland - Wikipedia Republished // WIKI 2
    On 16 January 2013, HMV Ireland declared receivership, under Irish law; companies in receivership must close its stores with immediate effect and all Irish stores were closed until further notice.[4] Deloitte Ireland was appointed receiver[5] and are reportedly seeking a buyer for HMVs Irish stores.

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