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  • can you drink alcohol with beta blockers? - The Student Room Forum
    I think its to do with one raising blood pressure and one lowering it. Youre in the right region - the problem is that both alcohol and beta-blockers lower blood pressure. Hence, the big risk is falling over when drinking and getting hurt/looking...

  • Is it safe to drink alcohol while on Atenolol (beta blocker)?
    Occassionally is ok with atenolol.. getting drunk on it or tipsy is not a good idea. basically it will slow your heart rate more which will lower your blood pressure and decrease perfusion to your brain..this is why it can cause dizziness and drowsiness... so no it will NOT worsen your tachycardia.

  • Beta Blockers and Performance Anxiety
    Beta blockers block the receptors for the physical effects of a persons natural fight or flight response.

  • Can I drink alcohol when taking beta-blockers?
    If you drink while you’re taking beta-blockers your blood pressure can drop even further. This may make you feel dizzy and could even cause you to faint. Therefore its important to be careful about how much alcohol youre drinking if youre taking beta-blockers.

  • Beta-Blockers With Alcohol & Caffeine LIVESTRONG.COM
    You should not drink alcohol while taking beta-blockers, unless your doctor specifically says you may drink.

  • Heart Disorders Board Index: alcohol with beta blockers
    ... Is it cool to drink alcohol while on beta blockers? ... (3 replies).

  • Holiday Drinking: How 8 Common Medications Interact with Alcohol
    Alcohol is thought to decrease the effect of beta-blockers, medications taken by people who have had heart attacks or are being treated for heart failure, chest pain or an abnormal heart rhythm. Therefore, experts recommend that people using beta-blockers avoid drinking alcohol.

  • Can i drink alcohol whilst taking beta blockers ? – Kgb Answers
    What are beta blockers used for? Can u drink alcohol whilst taking Rheumatac?

    Betablockers also block the impulses that can cause an arrhythmia (abnormal beats).

  • does anyone drink while taking beta blockers? - Heart Rhythm...
    But, while I dont drink much alcohol (because that does cause me to have more tachy and ectopics) I am not aware of ever having had a problem on the rare occasions that I have mixed the two...

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