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  • US Senators slam H-1B visa programme - Video The Times of India
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  • US senators slam H-1B visa programme - Times of India
    Top US lawmakers has slammed the popular H-1B visa programme and demanded strict action against companies abusing it to replace Americans with low-paid foreign workers, including from India.

  • New US bill with H1B visa curbs to hurt IT firms - Times of India
    Indian IT companies have been the largest recipients of H-1B visas and have come under intense scrutiny by lawmakers.

  • Obama assures Modi on concerns over H-1B visa issue - Times of India
    "The Indian government raised the issue, as they regularly do. It usually does include the H-1B visa issue.

  • H1-B visa application cap reached within 5 days - Times of India
    UKs new visa rule may hurt Indian IT professionals. VMware to cut 800 jobs, sees weak 2016. STMicro to cut 1,400 jobs, India among affected.

  • Big rush for H-1B visas this year - Times of India TestBig.com
    BANGALORE: The US H-1B visa quota for the coming year is expected to be exhausted within five days beginning April 1, marking the first time since 2008 that

  • Immigration bill: Senators hit snag over H-1B visas - Times of India
    Democrat Charles Schumer, one of the gang of eight Senators that hashed out the original bill, has been trying to broker a compromise with Hatch on the H-1B visa program for high skilled workers.

  • H-1B visa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Issued H-1Bs by continent. Pie chart showing 25% Indian. By nation in 2005.

  • US to accept H1-B visa applications from April 1
    International Business Times, India Edition.

  • It’s Time to Apply for H-1B Visas to Work in the U.S. - India Real Time...
    Increasingly, Indian 20-Somethings and Chinese Students. H-1B Visas: Obamas Visit Brings Hope for Indias Skilled Workers.

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