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  • Discount supermarket offering smarter shopping - ALDI Australia
    ALDI Australia, discount supermarket offering great quality at incredibly low prices. ALDI is synonymous with high quality and exceptional value.

  • Aldi and Costco coming to Adelaide - Overclockers Australia Forums
    LOW-COST international supermarket giants Aldi and Costco will open in Adelaide, where consumers are already benefiting from a battle for market share.

  • Aldi in Adelaide - Adelaide
    To keep up to date on when Aldi opens its doors in Adelaide follow the Aldi website, the bring Aldi to Adelaide facebook page or the Aldi facebook page.

  • Aldi invades Adelaide
    Independent supermarkets are starting to feel the squeeze of Aldis Adelaide invasion.

  • Aldi Adelaide opening: Discount shoppers descend on new store
    Punters camped overnight to get the first pick of Aldi bargains when the doors opened this morning at Parafield Gardens, one of four new format stores to open in Adelaide.

  • Bring ALDI to Adelaide Facebook
    To connect with Bring ALDI to Adelaide, sign up for Facebook today.

  • ALDI Amazing Race Team Building Adelaide Event
    Our latest Amazing Race in Adelaide was action packed and it was great to see the ALDI team arrive at our Elder Park starting location fancy dressed for the afternoon.

  • Adelaide News - Aldi moves in
    Watch now on tenplay: Small family-run grocers are bracing for a big financial hit as supermarket giant Aldi is set to open its first Adelaide stores.

  • Aldi Confirms When And Where First Adelaide Stores Will Be Opening
    By Glam Adelaide on November 19, 2015 Breaking, Lifestyle. ALDI Australia will be ready for business in South Australia from early next year...

  • Aldi - Today Tonight Adelaide
    With Aldi about to open in Adelaide, what will the increased competition mean for your hip pocket?

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