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  • Missing plane MH370: HMS Echo in black box search - BBC News
    HMS Echo is helping to scour the southern Indian Ocean after Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 vanished with 239 people on board on 8 March. Sonar "pings" were detected last week by search teams - but no new signals have been confirmed since last Tuesday.

  • HMS Echo, HMS Tireless Help in MH370 Search World Maritime News
    HMS Echo is currently searching a vast area 1,000 miles north-west of Perth in company with Chinese vessels Haixun and Dong Hai Jiu, where sensors from one of the Chinese vessels picked up a possible signal on April 5.

  • MH370 search: 1800s shipwreck found during hunt - CNN.com
    40 photos: The search for MH370. The HMS Echo, a vessel with the British Roya; Navy, moves through the waters of the southern Indian Ocean on April 12, 2014. Hide Caption.

  • HMS Echo (H87) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    HMS Echo is the first of two multi-role hydrographic survey ships commissioned by the Royal Navy. With her sister ship, HMS Enterprise, they form the Echo class of survey vessels. She was built by Appledore Shipbuilders in Devon in 2002 and is the ninth Royal Navy vessel to carry the name.

  • MH370 search Royal Navy
    Survey ship HMS Echo and submarine HMS Tireless searched vast areas of ocean in the international hunt to find missing Malaysian airliner MH370. Britain – through the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force – contributed to the...

  • ...Navys HMS Echo joins race to verify black box pings in search...
    As the authorities searching for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 race to investigate a series of potential black box pings in the Indian Ocean, a senior official has reportedly claimed that the plane was "steered" around Indonesian airspace.

  • Missing Plane: HMS Echo Joins Black Box Hunt
    HMS Echo arrives in the southern Indian Ocean to help search for flight MH370 after three "encouraging" signals were detected. 04:28, UK, Monday 07 April 2014. Play video "MH370 Relatives Ready For Answers".

  • MH370: Aircraft reach search zone in south Indian Ocean World news...
    • The UK is sending HMS Echo to assist in the search effort, although it will take more than a week to reach the right area. Rather sooner to arrive will be the Chinese icebreaker Xue Long, which has left western Australia and should reach the zone in four days or so.

  • ADV Ocean Shield and HMS Echo: The Bold Vessels Searching...
    Ocean Shield sailed from Perth on March 31, to search for the underwater locator beacon attached to the flight recorders onboard MH370.

  • Malaysia flight MH370: Search ships to verify signals!!! - Ethiobest Tube
    HMS Echo is is expected to arrive in the area where the Haixun 01 is located within hours. Malaysian Buddhists offer prayer for passengers on board missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in Kuala Lumpur. Up to a dozen military aircraft and 13 ships were to help with the search on Sunday.

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