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  • Pryor Orser Colorado School of Mines Set Plays - Mens Basketball...
    Wes Kosel is an assistant coach for men’s basketball under Head Coach Andy Partee at Colorado College in Colorado Springs, CO. Kosel joined the staff at Colorado College after serving two

  • Mens Basketball Coach
    The 2008-09 season will mark Pryor Orser’s eighth year as the head men’s basketball coach at Colorado School of Mines.

  • Colorado School of Mines - The Field House
    I enjoyed checking in with the Colorado School of Mines basketball program this week and writing the feature on the Division II national power.

  • Colorado School of Mines
    Official site of the Orediggers with scores, statistics, pictures, and rosters.

  • Colorado School of Mines
    PGC Basketball. Courses. Selecting a Course.

  • Colorado School of Mines - Forbes Head Coaches Salaries
    Ranking as the No. 28 public school this year, Colorado School of Mines is a highly selective public research university offering bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in engineering and applied sciences.

  • Colorado School of Mines LinkedIn
    Kosmider: Colorado School of Mines guard Gokul Natesan is a super student and athlete. denverpost.com. Pryor Orser has heard the same faulty premise parroted at him again and again during his long tenure as the mens basketball coach at Colo.

  • Colorado School of Mines Orediggers Index College Basketball...
    You Are Here > CBB Home > Schools > Colorado School of Mines Orediggers.

  • The Colorado School of Mines: Where Stitt happens Dr. Saturday...
    . Were suckers for a good college football t-shirt, and this Colorado School of Mines movement certainly fits the bill.

  • Ray Courtright - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    In four seasons as Nevadas basketball coach, Courtright compiled a record of 25 wins and 29 losses.[17]. Colorado School of Mines.

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