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    Get Battery Pack for PSP® 3000 console from official PlayStation® website. Know more about Battery Pack features.

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    PSP-3000 Super Battery pt1 - Продолжительность: 9:52 YouTuGood 1 109 просмотров.

  • PSP 3000 battery life? Also... about the PSP dying and resetting...
    First off, the PSP 3000 battery life, on full charge, thats relatively new would be... how many hours? I just want an estimated gauge from players of the PSP system to compare with my own.

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    1 x 3600mAh Replacement Battery For PSP 2000 /3000. Efficient, Durable and Economical for PSP users. Hence, it can Ensure Optimum Performance of your PSP.Hence, it can ensure Optimu...

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  • PSP 3000 UMD Battery mod (ACTUAL MOD) Forum
    Notes yes, the (big) battery is rated 3.7 v and the psp 3.6v, the 3000s stock battery says "max current voltage:4.25v" so I think Im good.

  • PSP 3000 Battery Myths Shattered!
    Fortunately, the director of hardware marketing now says thats not actually true, that the PSP 3000 will have an equivalent battery life of four to six hours when gaming, less when watching UMDs.

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    Модель: PSP3000 battery cover Наличие: Есть в наличии. Цена: 100 р.

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