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  • Excel 2007 : Vlookup in multiple sheets Forum
    3D Vlookups can get odd. Heres a page showing a formula method doing a VLOOKUP across multiple worksheets. The formula will return the answer from the first sheet that has the searched value.

  • Excel 2007 : Vlookup across Multiple Sheets Forum
    Just trying to get a formula for excel 2007 for the following: I have a workbook with 10 work sheets, all named differently (of course). Eg ABC - 1 DEF - 2 GHI - 3. This comes from a supplier and the sheet names are different brands, with the sheet...

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    In excell, I am using VLookup to automatically load information from another sheet. For example: In my front page I have a cell available to put in the so called map number (001, 002 etc.).

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    Your vlookup is taking the value you enter in B6 and looking for it in Column A on the Double Column sheet, and it is returning the value that is in column D. If that

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    Excel 2007 :: Using VLOOKUP And OFFSET Instead Of Multiple IF And VLOOKUPs?

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    Excels VLOOKUP function searches an array of cells for data you choose, returning data from the cell next to the one that it finds.

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    I hope you are using Excel 2007 or later. If not, this solution will not work for you.

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