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  • An up-to-date & comprehensive boxing schedule. 100s of fights listed.
    [ Back To Top ] [ Boxing Results ]. *All bouts and/or dates are subject to change at anytime. Any direct copying and pasting of this boxing schedule, or any section of it...

  • Boxing Schedule
    Weekly Schedule. © Boxing Schedule & Results. Schedule API Provided By FightNights.com.

  • Upcoming Boxing Matches Schedule 2016
    View All The Up Coming TV Boxing Schedules For Showtime HBO FOX ESPN. The Most Up-to-date Schedule On The Internet. Check Out our Fight Records.

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    Offers a complete boxing schedule.

  • Boxing Schedule - Ring TV
    Fighters currently rated by THE RING are linked to their divisions. Friday, March 11, 2016. Edmonton, Canada. Jelena Mrdjenovich vs. Edith Soledad Matthysse 10 rounds – Featherweight division (for WBC and WBA titles). Tokyo. Akio Shibata vs. Hikaru Nishida 12 rounds – Middleweight division.

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    View the boxing schedule and sign up for fight alerts. No boxing fan can afford to miss these explosive bouts.

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    Upcoming fight schedule for 2016.

  • Welcome to BoxingSchedule.com - Boxing Schedule
    This is an updated boxing schedule for all major boxing events worldwide. Fight cards are added to the schedule daily as soon as they are announced.

  • Boxing Schedule From 2013
    Josh Hedges / Getty Images. Boxing Schedule. Only fights in which a WBA, WBC, IBF or WBO title is at stake are listed on boxing schedule as title fights. Tentatively scheduled bouts are included on boxing schedule, so all information is - as always - subject to change.

  • Upcoming Boxing Fights Schedule 2016 TOTAL SPORTEK
    Upcoming Boxing Fights And Bigg PPV Events In 2016. February 24, 2016 By totalsportek2 Leave a Comment. BOXING PPV SCHEDULE 2016.

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