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  • Peter Jacksons 3D vision for the Dam Busters - Telegraph
    While it may be pushing the boundaries of good taste, Peter Jackson, the director of The Lord of the Rings films, wants bouncing bombs to leap out at audiences in his hi-tech remake of the classic 1954 film The Dam Busters.

  • The Dam Busters: Will Peter Jacksons remake of the iconic film ever...
    Following the death of the last surviving Dam Busters pilot Les Munro questions are being asked yet again whether Peter Jackson’s proposed remake of the iconic 1955 film will ever get off the ground. The Lord of the Rings director has already had 10 replica RAF Squadron 617 Lancaster bombers...

  • Peter Jacksons Dambusters to March Onscreen in 3-D?
    Peter Jacksons currently trialing some hot-topic tech that may bring a whole new dimension to his remake of the historic Dambusters movie: 3-D filming.

  • Peter JacksonDambusters Blog
    Dam Busters 1955 film, Dambusters remake, Peter Jackson. Jackson speaks: Dambusters a ‘wonderful story’ which I will have to do. August 16, 2014August 16, 2014charlesfoster38 Comments.

  • Peter Jackson Rubs His Beard Over Dam Busters
    However, Peter Jackson wont be directing the Dam Busters remake, only producing it, which upsets us greatly.

  • Peter Jackson’s 3D Dam Busters
    Peter Jackson’s 3D Dam Busters. MetrowebukmetroFriday 31 Jul 2009 4:25 pm. Peter Jackson is remaking The Dam Busters in 3D. The Lord Of The Rings director told The Daily Telegraph he wants to use new technology to make bombs leap out at the audience in his reimagining of the 1954 classic...

  • BBC NEWS Entertainment Peter Jackson to film Dam Busters
    Filming on the Dam Busters remake is due to start next year. The Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson is to remake classic British war film The Dam Busters, he has told film industry trade paper Screen Daily.

  • Peter Jackson Talks The Dam Busters News Movies - Empire
    As well as the Tintin sequel, Peter Jackson has another project hes eyeing up once The Hobbit trilogy is done and dusted: his take on the same story that inspired 1955s classic war film The Dam Busters.

  • Sir Peter Jacksons Dam Busters film fails to take off
    GETTY. Sir Peter Jackson has held rights for five years. Sir Peter Jackson refuses to say when his new version of The Dam Busters, with a script written by Stephen Fry, will be made.

  • The Dam Busters (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    ^ "The Dam Busters: Will Peter Jacksons remake of the iconic film ever get off the ground?", by Paul Gallagher, The Independent. ^ Ramsden, John.

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