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  • ID Card Benefits - ID Card - Emirates Identity Authority
    Emirates Identity Authority, EIDA, Population Register and the National ID Card Project (PRIDC), Modern, safe and smart identity card to identify all population of the UAE, Initiated and implemented by the late His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

  • Toolkit Card Readers
    Emirates Identity Authority. Home. Readers.

  • Smart card reader Dubai, ACR38 emirates id reader from Cardz Abu...
    HID ActivID. Identity Access Management. our exhibitions. About Us.

  • Dubai Emirates ID Card
    All UAE residents need to have an Emirates ID Card. The ID card is an electronic means of identification that EIDA undertakes to issue for all population of U.A.E. It is mandatory for each national or expatriate person above 15 years old.

  • Use Emirates ID as e-gate card, save 25% - Emirates 247
    The Emirates Identity Authority has affirmed its readiness to provide ID card electronic readers to all UAE organisations that seek to provide innovative services via features and digital applications of the ID card.

  • Emirates Identity Card Application Form
    If you are facing issues generating establishment of secure forms of identification and improved identity management. service of confirmed digital identities of UAE ID card holders on digital (2) card readers and toolkit dissemination to

  • Emirates Identity Card - Smart Identity Card for UAE Expats
    Emirates ID card is smart identity card for expats in UAE.

  • Emirates ID distributes 700,000 e-card readers in 18 months, saving...
    The Emirates ID said the distribution of the card readers was aimed at achieving its strategic objective of integration and inter-linkage, thereby maximizing the use of the identity card and making it the principal document of individual identification in the country in both the public and private sectors.

  • Daman issues ID card readers to medical facilities
    Daman, the national health insurance company, recently distributed over 2,000 Emirates ID card readers to key medical centres in the UAE. Provided by the Emirates Identity Authority, the card readers will allow members, which include Thiqa cardholders...

  • My Number, My Identity - Number Registration du du - add life to life
    You can register your number at any of our My Number My Identity partners or our shops, or through My Account.

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