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  • NHS Direct legacy enquiries - Contact - NHS Choices
    NHS Direct closed on March 31 2014. For outstanding issues or questions, use the appropriate contact point given on this page.

  • NHS Direct - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    For the service in Wales, see NHS Direct Wales. NHS Direct was the health advice and information service provided by the National Health Service (NHS), established in Mar 1998. The nurse-led telephone information service provided residents and visitors in England with healthcare advice 24...

  • NHS Direct
    KPI Penalties G Board declarations and self-certification 2 NHS Direct 2009/10 Business Plan Chapter 1 Introduction and Strategic Vision 1. 1.1.

  • NHS Direct
    NHS Direct is a nurse-led telephone information service, which provides basic healthcare advice to callers and directs those with more serious complaints to the appropriate part of the wider NHS.

  • What is NHS Direct Online?
    NHS24 is Scotlands equivalent of NHS Direct (call 08454 24 24 24 for NHS24). If Im feeling unwell, where can I find advice on NHS Direct Online about what to do?

  • NHS Direct LinkedIn
    NHS Direct is here to make a difference to the lives of people in England, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We’re here for you whenever you have health worries and we have the knowledge and...

  • What does NHS Direct mean?
    As a part of the National Health Service, NHS Direct services are free, although the 0845 number is usually chargeable as a non-geographic number.

  • NHS Direct - Hospital Guide
    NHS Direct is also available online, at www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk. The website offers access to information about conditions and treatments; links to other health websites...

  • NHS Direct - The Full Wiki
    NHS Direct is arguably best known for its 24 hour telephone health line.

  • NHS Direct National Health Service Trust Annual Report & Accounts...
    Annual Report & Accounts 2009/10 6 Joanne Shaw Chair’s Statement NHS Direct supports patients and the NHS by providing remote and digital health advice and information.

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