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  • Triatominae - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The members of Triatominae /traɪ.əˈtɒmᵻniː/, a subfamily of Reduviidae, are also known as conenose bugs, kissing bugs, assassin bugs, or triatomines. Most of the 130 or more species of this subfamily are haematophagous, i.e. feeds on vertebrate blood; a very few species feed on other invertebrates...

  • Kissing Bugs and Chagas Disease in the U.S. Texas A&M University
    FOUND A KISSING BUG?Precautions and Procedure. Citizen science offers the opportunity for non-scientists and scientists to work together to collect large amounts of data.

  • Kissing Bugs Assassin Bugs - Pest Risk, Facts & Control
    Signs of a Kissing Bug Infestation. Kissing bugs are secretive and aren’t not likely to be seen in the open during the day. They sometimes, however, may fly to lights at night.

  • kissing bug — Useful english dictionary
    Kissing bug — noun large bloodsucking bug • Syn: ↑ conenose, ↑ cone-nosed bug, ↑ conenose bug, ↑ big bedbug • Hypernyms: ↑ assassin bug, ↑ reduviid • Member Holonyms: ↑ Triatoma, ↑ genus Triatoma * * *. noun : conenose * * *.

  • Kissing bugs and Assassin bugs and Bed bugs
    Kissing bugs, a blood-sucking insect very common to the southwestern part of the U.S., are also known by the common names conenose bug or walapai tiger.

  • Kissing Bugs
    Kissing bugs are actually triatomine bugs. They get their common name because when they bite people, they bite on the face and lips.

  • KISSING BUG перевод с английского на русский, translation English...
    N 1. (sl) человек, любящий петтинг 2. (slobs) молодой мужчина, любящий целоваться.

  • CDC - Chagas Disease - General Information - Vector Information
    Triatomine bugs (also called reduviid bugs, "kissing" bugs, assassin bugs, cone-nosed bugs, and blood suckers) can live indoors, in cracks and holes of substandard housing...

  • How to Get Rid of Kissing Bugs eHow
    Kissing bugs prey on us while we sleep, sucking the blood from our exposed skin, mostly in the face and lip area. The kissing bug is responsible for the deaths of approximately 50...

  • Kissing Bugs Admiral Pest Control
    Kissing bugs are attracted to odors, carbon dioxide, and heat. If they find a way into your house, they’ll come looking for you when you least expect it.

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