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  • Licensed Practical Nurse Salaries in Massachusetts and how key...
    Licensed Practical Nurse Salaries in Attleboro, MA.

  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Salary
    Licensed practical nurses (LPN) are responsible for using their extensive training in a wide range of nursing tasks and patient-care objectives.

  • LPN Salaries in Massachusetts Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN)...
    Massachusetts LPN MA LPN Schools, LPN Programs and LPN Salary Data.

  • Licensed Practical Nurse LPN / LVN Salary in Massachusetts
    Navigation. Nurse Salary Guide Nursing Salaries - How Much do different Nurses Make?

  • The Salary for an LPN in Worcester, MA eHow
    A licensed practical nurse, or LPN, provides nursing care for patients, administers medication, assists doctors, keeps meticulous records, and reports any noteworthy changes in a patients condition to a supervising nurse or physician. The salary for an LPN in Worcester, Massachusetts...

  • LPN Salaries in Massachusetts
    LPN Salaries in Massachusetts. Licensed practical nurses working in Massachusetts are amongst the best paid in the country, with a mean annual wage of $53,820, which equates to $25.88 per hour.

  • LPN/Licensed Practical Nurse LVN/Licensed Vocational Nurse Salary
    An average Licensed Practical Nurse Salary, LPN Salary, or Licensed Vocational

  • LPN Programs in Massachusetts, License Requirements...
    LPN Programs. Licensing Requirements. Employment Outlook & Salary.

  • Licensed Practical Nurses Salary Canada
    Average Licensed Practical Nurse Salary in Canada. The table above details the hourly wages for Licensed Practical Nurses. The Canadian national occupation classification code (NOC) for this role is 3233.

  • LPN Salary (Licensed Practical Nurse) and Training Guide
    LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) Salary in Other Countries (Australia, Canada and UK). The professionals known as licensed practical nurses in the United States may be called by other names throughout first-world countries, and the salaries will differ as well.

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