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  • Hilton HHonors Credit Card Rewards Points for Hotel Stays and More
    Earn HHonors Bonus Points on everyday purchases from groceries to phone bills, then redeem your points for reward nights and more. Plus, get HHonors elite status automatically with your card. Choose the Hilton HHonors credit card for your region

  • Compare Hilton HHonors Credit Cards Rewards & Credit Cards
    The Hilton HHonors Surpass Card may be the card you have been searching for.

  • Hilton HHonors Card from American Express Reviews
    The Hilton HHonors credit card looks like a great card to have for traveling. The amount of points you can earn is fabulous compared to other cards that I have. Also the interest rate is good and no annual fee makes this a great card to have.

  • Citi Hilton HHonors Visa Signature Card Reviews
    The Citi Hilton HHonors Credit Card also has a base rewards structure that provides 6 HHonors points for each dollar spent at Hilton Hotels; 3 points for each dollar spent on supermarket, drugstore and gas station purchases; and 2 points per $1 on everything else.

  • Step Up to Silver Status with the Hilton HHonorsCard
    Small Business Charge & Credit Cards. Compare Cards by Benefits.

  • Hilton HHonors Platinum Credit Card Earn Points Macquarie
    When you open your account and transfer your other credit card balances to the Hilton HHonors Macquarie Platinum Card, you will receive a balance transfer rate of 0% pa for 14 months from card approval8.

  • Hilton HHonors™ Reserve Card - A Hilton Credit Card from Citi...
    Hilton Credit Card with HHonors Bonus Points and Travel Benefits.

  • Explaining Hilton HHonors: Credit Cards Travel Is Free
    As I already mentioned, racking up Hilton HHonors points with credit cards is quite lucrative. The list of credit cards that can earn HHonors points is quite long but I often recommend getting airline mile cards before hotel points.

  • Citi® Hilton HHonors™ Reserve Card Credit Needed
    Enjoy the benefits of HHonors Gold status as long as you are a cardmember*. No foreign transaction fees on purchases*. Travel with ease and enjoy global acceptance with your Citi chip credit card.

  • Which Hilton HHonors Credit Card Is Best For You?The Points Guy
    However, this card is just one of the options out there for accruing Hilton HHonors points, and it may make sense for you to expand your credit card portfolio to take advantage of these other offerings as well.

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