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  • Tom Huddlestone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Thomas Andrew "Tom" Huddlestone (born 28 December 1986) is an English professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Hull City and the England national team. Having progressed through the youth ranks at Nottingham Forest and Derby County...

  • Hulls Tom Huddlestone gets haircut after goal drought ends
    Hull midfielder Tom Huddlestone has had a first haircut since 2011 after ending his 32-month goal drought.

  • Tom Huddlestone cuts hair during Hull victory over Fulham - BBC Sport
    Huddlestones celebration saw him have a lock of hair clipped on the sideline. He said: "I set a charity up in October 2011 - my mates dared me to do it. Ive had injuries so it dragged on a bit." Huddlestones goal record.

  • Hair we go: Tom Huddlestone celebrates ending his goal drought...
    Hull 6 Fulham 0: Birthday boy Huddlestone gets haircut on the pitch after breaking his 54-game goal drought.

  • Give Tom Huddlestone goal so he can chop off his flaming hair...
    Give Tom Huddlestone goal so he can chop off his flaming hair, pleads Steve Bruce. Metro Sport Reporter for Metro.co.ukMonday 2 Dec 2013 4:14 pm. Goal or no goal? Tom Huddlestone celebrates his strike against Liverpool (Picture: Getty Images).

  • Tom Huddlestone ends goal drought, celebrates with pitchside haircut
    Hull player Tom Huddlestone celebrates his first goal since April 2001 by having his hair cut. Photo: Getty Images. Following his last goal in April 2011, Huddelstone vowed not to cut his hair until he scored while he also set up a charity page designed to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.

  • Huddlestones haircut
    Huddlestones haircut. The Hull City midfielder hadnt scored since April 2011 - he had been raising money for charity by promising to grow his hair until his next goal - which arrived two years ago today!

  • ...Huddlestone promises to cut long hair in celebration of next goal...
    At the start of the season, Huddlestone vowed to shave off his hair the next time he scored, but if he nets the winner against Spurs there will not be any

  • Tom Huddlestone cuts hair on pitch after goal GiveMeSport
    Hull midfielder removes a lock of hair after first goal for two years.

  • Tom Huddlestones hair!
    The piece of Tom Huddlestones hair cut off following his goal against Fulham for Hull City (28.12.13) as seen on Match of the Day, Sky Sports and other media outlets over the weekend.

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