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  • Upgrade information for CS6 from CS5.5, CS5, CS4, or CS3
    Before you open your upgrade of Adobe® Creative Suite® 6 software, use this page to ensure you are a licensed user of eligible Adobe software, as different upgrade prices apply to different versions of software.

  • Adobe offers Creative Suite CS3/CS4 to CS6 upgrades
    Tutorials, Tips & Help Adobe Creative Suite CS3 through CS6.

  • Adobe relents, announces CS6 upgrade offer for CS3/CS4 owners
    Adobe specifically said that “customers on versions of Creative Suite CS4, CS3, CS2 and older will not be eligible for upgrade pricing for CS6 unless they have upgraded to CS5 or CS5.5 before CS6 is released”.

  • Adobe offers CS6 upgrade pricing for CS3, CS4 users Macworld
    Adobe plans to restore traditional upgrade pricing for users of Creative Suite versions 3 and 4 who want to buy the upcoming CS6 and Creative Cloud.

  • Adobe Creative Suite CS6 Master Collection Upgrade...
    Adobe® Creative Suite® 6 Master Collection software delivers unprecedented performance with blazing-fast 64-bit native support and GPU acceleration. Groundbreaking new creative tools provide innovative ways to design for the latest devices.

  • Adobe CS6 Upgrade Policy Changes Postponed! CS3 & CS4 on Track
    [UPDATE (May 2013) – CS4 and CS3 users no longer receive upgrade discounts to CS6, but to the new Adobe CC release instead.] Two months ago Adobe made a major change in the Creative Suite upgrade policy that had been in place since CS3 came out in April 2007…

  • Adobe offers CS6 upgrade for CS3 and CS4 users, and rebrands...
    Adobe has announced a special offer allowing CS4 and CS3 users to upgrade to Creative Suite 6, when it is released.

  • OrangeMercury: ...Policy<br>CS 3 & CS 4 CAN upgrade to CS6
    Adobe Reverses Upgrade Policy CS 3 & CS 4 CAN upgrade to CS6. ©graphics.com. Win/Mac

  • Adobe will offer CS6 at special price for CS3 and CS4 owners
    Adobe will offer a direct upgrade path to Creative Suite 6 to customers who own CS3 or CS4 after all, it has announced. CS6 will launch some time in the first half of 2012, according to the company, though pricing details and details of what the "special introductory upgrade pricing" will be havent yet been...

  • Adobe CS6 – Your Upgrade Options Micromail Blog
    Posted in Adobe. Tagged cs6, licensing, upgrade.

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