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  • Air Skin Steam Skins
    Dazzling and vibrant, this Steam skin brings beauty in to the world of Steam, which is excellent when players would like something to flare up their simple default Steam client, or any other pre-installed skin that they use.

  • Minimal Steam UI Skin Steam Skins
    When it comes to interface customization, be it for Web browsers, operating systems or in-game user interfaces, there’s always one style that people clamor for – minimalist. With that in mind, here’s a look at Minimal Steam UI Skin, created by user Santo Pfingsten...

  • Fluttershy Skin Steam Skins
    For that reason, the skin is not really usable in its current state. Verdict. Due to the usual issues of a skin not being updated for the latest version of Steam, and the creator stating that they won’t be updating the skin, I cannot recommend the MLP – Fluttershy skin for use.

  • Aquatic Steam Skin for Mac (and Windows) – Jason Chen
    They’re all excellent skins that required significant modification of the style files; however, none of them gets close to emulating the current OS X UI (which is evolving again soon, but more on that later). Instead of sitting idly by, I decided to create one myself. Besides, I’d never made a Steam skin...

  • How to Install a Steam Skin on Mac OS X – Jason Chen
    That’s only true for the Windows version of Steam. (In case you’re wondering how, you simply paste the folder containing the skin’s files into <Steam installation directory>\skins.) On Mac OS X, however, simply mimicking the process by copying the skin folder into...

  • Yosemite Steam Skin (OS X 10.10) [Works on Retina] by Asainguy444...
    To apply the skin, open Steam, then in the Menu Bar click on Steam > Preferences > Interface to select the new skin. **UPDATE** 02/06/2015: Changed the file to the correct file, sorry for the error! DISCLAIMER: This is my first skin Ive ever made.

  • Skins for Steam on Mac OS X :: Steam for Mac Форум
    How to apply third party skins on Steam client on Mac? Placing a skin into app package in Skins folder causes freezes and crashes the client.

  • Steam OS SkinPack SkinPack - Customize Your Digital World
    Home Downloads Download SkinPack for Win7/8/8.1/10 Steam OS SkinPack.

  • Metro for Steam
    Metro for Steam brings a fresh, clean style to the platform you already know and love. This is Steam like you’ve never seen it before.

  • Awesomenauts - Specimen X-58 Skin в Steam
    Популярные метки. Просмотр по платформе: Mac OS X SteamOS и Linux. Программы Программы.

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